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Vitamin is an online multimedia magazine that focuses on video productions featuring artists, designers and interesting personalities from the creative industries in their own studio spaces and personal hubs. Vitamin's vision is to showcase the talent and works of the artists while establishing at the same time through the creatively shot videos a powerful story-telling that brings closer the creative minds and the viewers.

Presenting the more intimate side of the artists and designers Vitamin wishes to showcase the richness found within their personalities and their work. The narratives are told through home productions that wish to reveal some new and unknown parts about their way of thinking and working. Using the immediacy of video making, Vitamin presents a whole new image of the creative minds, treating each one of the productions as a unique piece of personal narration.

Drawing inspiration from the word VITAMIN that reflects energy, refreshment, and nourishment, the website seeks prominent, emerging, and established figures that represent this initiative.

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