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Francesco Giannini began making videos with his younger brother at the age of eight when his dad purchased their first video camera. His artistic experimentation continued through high school where he developed an interest in film aesthetics, directing, and acting. When reaching university level, his undergraduate studies in Sociology, Film Studies and Communications strengthened his technical and theoretical knowledge for the media and film industry, and, furthermore, gave him the confidence to compete in such a challenging profession.

At the age of eighteen, he started to work in acting. He enrolled at the Montreal School of Performing Arts to practice his acting skills, and, with their help along with other casting agencies, to gain the experience of working on professional film sets. With a variety of small roles, he was fortunate to have the opportunity to work with famous actors and directors such as Susan Sarandon, Penelope Cruz, Josh Hartnet, Anthony Anderson, William Hurt, Chaz Palmetieri, Gerald Butler, Shia Labeouf, Bill Paxton, Zach Snyder, Channing Tatum, Roland Emmerich and so many more. It was these experiences that inspired him to be more persistent in achieving his dream of working in the media and film production industry.

In 2010, Francesco was fortunate enough to have his brother Chris Giannini’s music video, which he produced, air on national television (Musimax), running at number one for nearly four weeks straight. Also, in 2010, Francesco joined forces with the brilliant team of Marrone Films. With a reputation that has been acclaimed for many years, Marrone’s work is inspirational and influential to Francesco. In this evolving digital era, their combined forces create magnificent imagery while redefining film production.

In recent years, Francesco has been producing and directing short films, music videos, corporate videos and so much more. Working with a variety of production companies in the past few years, such as Dekade Productions, Radar Films, Color Creek Films, Race of Life Productions and many more, allowed him to express his visions and produce his own projects. Within his first year as a Director and Producer, he completed over 50 projects of various genres such as short film, music videos, web series, television shows, documentary and experimental. His first short film Race of Life was selected in the Cannes Short Film Corner in 2012. His past achievements and experiences gave him the ability to manage large productions, fulfilling the roles of production manager, casting director, and all other aspects of production from conception to delivery. As a young Director and Producer, he is still developing his craft. For Francesco, media and film is not only a form of entertainment, but it is also a form of artistic expression and self-reflection. Being an artist is a privilege and every project he produces, writes or directs is a step forward in satisfying his passion.

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