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  1. NRS Films
  2. Klara Harden
  3. Yann Moalic

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  1. Nirmell commented on ANOMALY
    outstanding....... amazing... thank you....
  2. Nirmell commented on JohnnyExpress
    really entertaining and epic...
  3. Two short scenes.. and it scared the shit outta me.. and my frens.... this is creativity at its best... !!
  4. Nirmell commented on David of Nepal
    Amazing.. the whole world should watch this... and contribute and help David..
  5. Finally a photography that brings real magic along with it....I love this so much, its magical.. keep up the good work Kristy Mitchell Photography and thanks for the awesome video and music FX films!!..
  6. Nirmell commented on C (299,792 km/s)
    This is classic...awesome movie!!!!!
  7. Nirmell commented on Azarkant
    AWESOME! what happens next!!??
  8. this movie is magical, but i thought i also saw an ufo? upper left section sharp at 3.99 minutes onwards.. anyway good work, never seen a work this amazing before!