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I was born & raised in Barcelona and have been involved in sound, in its various forms since 2004. After graduating from Valencia University (Barcelona) in 2007 with a BA in Sound Engineering I studied at La Salle Business and Engineering School where I achieved a MA in Architectonic and Environmental Acoustics (2010). Since then I have refined my skills while working as a Sound Consultant and Business Developer, Head Engineer in advertising post production and Music Producer.

In 2010 I took time out to travel and absorb the cultural delights of Europe & the UK. I then settled in London where I continue to live and work as a Sound Engineer and Acoustic Consultant in a broad range of fields, most recently in the film and animation industry. Since coming to London my projects have included short films, animations and music videos with great projection for a large number of clients.

I also spend my time as a musician, song writer and music journalist. I have written and recorded over 50 songs and have written articles for multiple music publications, both print and online.


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