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DoctorBioDIesel Introductory Documentary and The TVshow(2009) Documentaries for Television are terribly constrained to 30 to 60 minutes. However, a documentary produced for the unlimited internet can be a 'sustainable' news production about one subject: BioDiesel.
After 2 years of pre-production and hundreds of interviews with BioDiesel Experts from around the world, BioDiesel is the single most misunderstood renewable energy source on the planet.
Did you know there are 4.6 BILLION gallons of Waste Vegetable Oil in the U.S. ANNUALLY ??
Did you know that 4.6 BILLION gallons of JET FUEL from BROWN GREASE is $34 BILLION??
Did you know that 17% of the U.S. Fuel use is DIESEL. BioDiesel is 80% less Pollution.
DoctorBioDiesel is a standardized 'brand' recognized as 'trustworthy' from coast to coast.
The documentary will show that Dr. Parnas revolutionary Precision Principle TransEsterification Reactor
is the smallest, most efficient, cost-effective Technology that fits in a 4ftX4ftX4ft cube.
This Micro TransEsterification Reactor produces 1 liter per minute/500 gallons per day. The documentary will show that the same Precision Principle methodology can produce BrownGrease>To->Jet Fuel from any municipal waste water treatment plant in the world.
The documentary will follow the National Distribution of DoctorBioDiesel as it is distributed to 125,000 Gasoline Convenient Stores and 25,000 Auto Parts Stores, Nationwide.
The documentary will produce the first localized Franchise of a 200 restaurant 'region' using Vetrepreneurs to run the Franchise and Exceptional Workers to package DoctorBioDiesel.
The documentary will produce a 'Turn-Key BrownGrease To JetFuel' system that fits in a trailer and can be hooked up and put on-line the same day of delivery at any Water Treatment Plant.

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