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Paul Jenkins is an extremely accomplished professional photographer, cameraman and film maker with over twenty years of experience. Paul’s photographs are regularly published in magazines and on various sites on the web. He works with all types of photography including landscape and portrait. He loves to travel and see the world through the aperture of a lens. Paul has lectured at several colleges in the North West teaching Television Production & Digital Photography. He has also lived and worked in China and India where he was the Head of Department ‘Visual Communications’ at Raffles Lassalle College. He also has broadcasting experience with the BBC, Granada and Sky TV.
Paul has received many awards for his work including the Channel 4 Video British Archaeological Awards and the Salford University Gerard Chapman Photography award. (He was the overall winner and came 1st and 2nd in the digital photography section.) In 2006 he was nominated and shortlisted for a ‘Royal Television Society Award’ for Cameraman for ‘One day in spring’: a documentary about the French ‘Resistance’ in the Lot region during WW2. He has also exhibited photographs on the ‘History Channel’ and was part of a touring exhibition entitled ‘Photo’s for The Future’. In 2002 he was the Writer, Producer & Director of ‘The Sunshine Project in Luxor, Egypt.

Paul says that one of the most satisfying parts of his career has been to work with other people who have a passion for taking pictures, especially those who want to learn the basics of the camera and composition. Paul’s website is called ‘Visions of light’ because he believes that one of the main skills of the photographer is to be able to see, using the skills of composition and the effects of light reflecting off a surface. He notes: ‘This may seem obvious, but to explore this concept can open up a whole new world for the photographer. Examples of Paul’s work can be seen at these websites

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