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  1. Stimulating. Provocative. Cognitively nutritious. With a built-in enema just in case. Wish they had referred to some institutionalized, consumerist, materialistic appetites promoted and reinforced by the family, schools, religion, norms of mental…
  2. Ken's subversive stance unfolds a road map to pursue your passion so as to render actual the potential in each of us. His own career graph exemplifies how a-linear life can be and how fulfilling. Humour is a byproduct of harvesting the rough and…
  3. Excellent. Rory speaks very fast. Could have slowed down intermittently to drive home salient points of the thesis. Sense of humour added an intangible value to his discourse. Re-watchable.
  4. Simplicity at its best. Insanity is always hovering over us. So are inertia and acedia. You have to dance your way along the trail keeping chaos and rigidity at bay. A lucid, illuminating presentation.
  5. Ken is a brilliant educationist and iconoclast. His sense of humour is incredibly sui generis.