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  1. You havent answer any of my question. I m very sad by your responses. Firstly I asked is it app specific or device specific , u gave me link...i already saw that then ask this qsn and described my problem. Still you are saying that we can get the…
  2. Search is governed under a separate rate limit. There are headers returned with each call that will give you the rate limit details.
  3. I already saw this link and after that i asked this question because i am totally unable to get real reason for this error in my app. I am searching video and channel(which are unauthenticated one) and "My uploaded","My Watch Later" and "My subscription"…
  5. In my app , i have implemented Vimeo API. Sometime i get "Rate Limit Exceed" error. Main problem is that "Is it App specific?( requests made per app irrespective of any no. of devices that are using it)" or "Is it Device specific?(suppose two device…