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Maine based ~ Cinematographer, Editor & Photographer

People have been asking me how I came up with the name, pinkhouse production.

The name has a couple of meanings to me; the first being that I am a woman (pink) and this is my company (house).

The second meaning is more near and dear to my heart. I grew up in MA and have spent the last 44 summers at my grandparents beach house in Hull, MA. It's a generation home that has provided quite a few amazing memories.
This is the place that built me; it's my peace, my strength, my bliss. It is also pink:)

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  1. Heidi Bennett commented on Baymen
    I love that this video is still available. We lost Tom 17 months ago. I miss his voice. I miss his smile. I miss his arms. At least with this video, I can still hear him. Thank you so much for this legacy. Heidi Bennett