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B.A., Eckerd College
M.A., University of South Florida
post-master's: University of South Florida

owned own promotional products marketing company (collateral marketing materials) for 25 years... retired at age 50.. am 56 now... find the work of Ms Hayley Morris to be outstanding and the best I've seen!

B.A. is in business administration and management (double major); minor course work in literature, 25% of electives in the natural sciences - physics, chemistry, biology; master's degree is the M.A. in library and information science (another double major!); broad based, in special collections, archiving, etc.... go to - look under my full name "marc edmund barlow" ; post-master's work is in medical
information science, concentrations in hisotory and systems as well as taxonomy(ies) of classification


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  1. Ms. Morris! Question: do you happen to know the royalty-free or royalty-paid music source for the tune used in your Paragard commercial? It's catchy and upbeat.... a superb mix with your visuals. I'd love to know the name of the tune... and…
  2. Ms. Morris!!! This is an OUTSTANDING work of art! I believe I have found every one of your stop-motion animations and each is absolutely fantastic!! Many thanks for sharing them on Vimeo! Best wishes, Marc Barlow in st. petersburg, florida m-barlow@