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Storden, MN

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I am a Liberty activist, musician and former Love Lines/700 Club phone counselor from Minneapolis. I was head of the Love Lines television department in 1987.

I formed my own television production company in 1988 and produced a show for local cable called Rock Solid Videos. I hooked up with Heart Communications in 1991 to promote my show and help their efforts to put together an FM God Rock station in Minneapolis. My radio personality name is Charlie B.

In 1994, I took to driving a commercial truck and became an Owner/Operator in 1998. I gave up trucking in 2011. I am now pursuing my love of graphic arts and video production again.

I reformed my production company under Photizo Media LLC. I design advertising and clean up antique photos for local clients. I also do video from shoot to DVD. You can find me on YouTube as Wheelsafire18.

I am currently remodeling my home studio and working with other musicians on music video projects.

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