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  1. Hey Jonathan, you would need to make mobile versions of your video in order to make them available on mobile devices (https://vimeo.com/help/faq/video#mobile_versions) which is only available to Plus and PRO users.
  2. i have a question, ok so my video will play for me on my MAC and on my iPhone, but my friend can only get some videos to play on his droid but mine will not play. Also others on their phones could not view it when i linked it to twitter. Everything…
  3. Hey Julia, Are you able to play videos on Vimeo when using a different browser? (Safari, Chrome, etc.)
  4. With me it's the same. I can't watch my videos and neither can I watch other videos uplaeded on vimeo. I'm using firefox, too.
  5. well, ok --- easy to do know, because for some reason, today when I opened windows, I saw Chrome installed (it came accidentaly without my intention)... SO - in Chrome Vimeo videos are working normally (at least the first one I tried) - in Firefox…
  6. You can either try Chrome or Safari with the HTML5 player - if you don't want to help us troubleshoot, there's nothing further we can do, sorry.
  7. sorry, but I don't want to install Chrome, because my computer is already full of stuff. I wish I could find another option. I am sure, that some people manage to watch Vimeo videos with Firefox...
  8. It seems to be just a matter of time