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Born in Santa Rosa, La Pampa, Argentina in 1959. His file consists of more than 30,000 images widely documented in the Americas and Europe, whose main theme focuses on tourism, architecture, landscape, culture and traditions.

In recent years, his photographs were published in Mexico major magazines such as National Geographic, Geomundo, Mexico Unknown, Present, Expansion, Scale,
Marie Claire, Platinum, crossing, among others, as well tourist guides in E.E.U.U. as "Guide Tourist Buenos Aires "by Lonely Planet. California. and "Tourist Guide of Mexico, Guatemala and Belize" of
Michellin. California. In 1990 he founded the photography agency editorial
GattoStock, of which he is director since 1998 and promotes services in He is currently collaborating agency photographer
Picture and is
organizing the launch of the branch in Mexico a photo agency for media Founded in Argentina.

The most important awards received:
Second Prize of First Travel Photography
of Mexico City, National Chamber of Commerce
Mexico City, Category: Business. Mexico D.F.
Second and Sixth International Award of the National Award Second International photography magazine
"Geomundo. Mexico D.F. (1993)
Acquisition of the National Award for Arts (VIII
National Meeting of Young Artists), INBA, Photo Color Aguascalientes, Mexico. (1988)
First Prize in the Inter-Photography
the OAS, Category: Color, Washington, DC, USA (1984)

In exhibitions of his work in more than 40 times Argentina and Mexico and between individual samples Collective, which includes participation in the Aella Latin Paris Photo Festival 2006, as a photographer
Visiting the 2007 edition, and the Photo of Vernissage St. Petersburg 2008.

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