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Lifehunters produces inspiring and funny films on the internet. With an advertising component we produce content people want to share. Key theme is that we are only making films we want to see ourselves. This is why it’s always our challenge to get a minimum of 250.000 Youtube views. Apart from working with very talented comedians like Bob MacLaren and Mark Schoones, our professional directors Merijn Scholte, Danny Maas and Merle Bos are always making new, creative, inspiring and funny stuff. Containing every day situations of people, but including a lot of fun. This can be for example ‘things happening’ while shopping in the Albert Heijn supermarket, during a job interview or in bed. Every day situations of regular people, but with a special and surprising twist. We are working together with brands from all over the world. Advertising movies with a big smile. That’s what Lifehunters is all about.

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