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Nucks Company is a video production company specializing in personal videos, pre-wedding videos and business videos.

We offer QUICK, EASY and AFFORDABLE video productions, more trendy than the traditional one!

Our productions are ‘ Easy as 1-2-3!’
1- Tell us your story
2- We shoot it!
3- We edit it!

We provide excellent quality at an affordable price. Our style is up to date and our crew, professional. We deliver your project in impressive high-definition quality, which tells any story that you desire.

Let Us Deliver Your Message!

We’ll provide you with a custom video production that meets all your creative needs:

Personal Videography:
We’ll film all different occasions such as anniversaries, birthday celebrations, family event, as well as personal profiles and video resumés. We’ll help you display who you are. We want to capture the emotion of your day, along with the beauty and the fun.

Pre-Wedding/Engagement Videography:
We create a personal film which tells your unique love story. Tell the world who you are, how you met, and the times you’ve shared together. We get to know incredible people; and share your memorable moments.

Business Videography:
If you need a video promoting your business and your services, our fast paced crew can deliver an entertaining film, telling customers your specific message.

We provide professional videos on a budget, produced by a team that is laser-focused on you. Whether your goal is to promote, entertain or educate, we’ll make sure our video delivers on all your requirements.


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