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  1. Tangents & The Times

    Tangents & The Times Echo Park, Los Angeles, CA


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    Tangents & the Times is a fictitious web-series born out of a real-life blog. Watch as Marissa A. Ross pursues her dreams of becoming a writer, only to learn the consequences of posting her private life on the internet. Many of the storylines and events are inspired by Marissa's own: …

  2. stillmotion

    stillmotion PRO Portland, Oregon


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    We're a band of filmmakers and photographers who, as a rule, always let our curiosity get the better of us. Frankly, we believe that the process of discovery is as important as what goes on the screen. We tell stories – big, small and anywhere in between.

  3. Tony Reale

    Tony Reale Green Bay, WI


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    Tony is a Director/DP out of Green Bay, Wisconsin. He is the founder of Creative Edge Productions, a video and commercial production company, and NextWaveDV, a training website for video producers and filmmakers.

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