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Ty has extensive experience in video editing and movie production. A graduate of the Seattle Film Institute, Ty has worked as a professional film editor for over 5 years. An aggressive self-starter, Ty has produced work under strict deadlines with little direct supervision. In addition to his editing work, Ty has also produced original content at both a local and national level, capturing everything from band interviews to Sundance to the Pendleton Rodeo. He has made nearly a dozen short films including the award-winning "I Heart You" and the dark comedy feature film “Bite Size” (bitesizethemovie.com). His most recent work was to direct, shoot and edit the award-winning music video "Looks of L.A."

Kristen is a professional Host, Actress, Producer and Art Director. Host credits include projects such as "Outta This World" (Outta-This-World.com), a self-produced sci-fi & fantasy blog and show; "Romance Shopping Network;" and "E3: Making the Game." She is also the Producer of PUCKER, a series of comedic short films; and with ten years of film and commercial acting credits, can be seen in over 20 indie films and a national commercial for Swiffer’s ‘Baby Come Back’ campaign. Born on the "Day of the Cosmic Comedienne" (4/16—Charlie Chaplin's birthday too), Kristen's dream is to make people laugh… by any means necessary! More about Kristen: KristenNedopak.com

Dane is the founder of MediaKatalyst, Inc., a boutique design studio specializing in interactive/user experience design, motion design, branding, print collateral, packaging design and illustration. He brings over ten years of award winning credits and experience to the big screen with opening credits for the feature "Bite Size," along with special effects for the music video "Looks of L.A." and seasons 1 and 2 of PUCKER. In his spare time, you can find Dane fixing up old muscle cars. More about Dane: mediakatalyst.com


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