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TONS is an italian band formed in Turin in October 2009 from the ashes of three popular hardcore bands of the city. The band consists of Steuso on guitar (rock poster artist and guitarist of The Redrum) Marco on drums (drummer of Noinfo and Medusa) and Paolo on bass/vocals (singer of Lamatematica, Pancarrè and for a short period also of the Euro Abashment).
The aim of the band is to remain close to the harcore influence of the city where they were born but they decided to move on to sludge and doom.

In June 2009 with the help of Danilo Bottocchi (Last Minute to Jaffna guitarist and a closer friend of the band) they recorded a first demo of four songs in which we can find the first features of the band: a powerful stoner rock trio, sludge riffs, psychedelic landscapes and doom sessions.

The atmosphere around the band is devilish but ironic as we can see from some song titles such as “The Rime of the Ancient Grower”, “Tangerine Tightmare”, or “Once Upon a Tentacle…”, that suggest the passion of the guys for H.P. Lovecraft and in a more general way for esoterism.
The mistery of the city of Turin and the magical and esoteric places around it fascinate the band as we can notice from the title and the cover of the first album “Musineè Doom Session Volume 1″. Mount Musinè is situated in Val Susa and has always been sourronded by local myths such as witchcraft and alien life.

In July 2011 the band recorded the six songs of the album “Musineè Doom Session Volume 1″ (CD – CD LTD screenprinted – LP) with the help of Danilo and Paolo Paganelli (Woptime former guitarist) and the master session has been done by Lorenzo Stecconi (sound engineer for Ufomammut, Squartet, Karl Mark Was A Broker). The album includes the four songs of the old demo and two more new songs “Ketama Gold” and “At War with Yog-Sothoth” that clearly suggest the direction of the band.

The album, mastered by Lorenzo Stecconi in Rome and released by Escape from Today and Heavy Psych Sounds.

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