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Costa Rica-Nicaragua

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I am an independent Costa Rican filmmaker and active conservationist. In 1995, as part of the Sustainable Border Development Initiative in Central America, I began compiling valuable and extensive information of the border with Nicaragua (Río San Juan Basin) and its issues, as well as producing video programs and relevant written/educational materials. In 1998, during a presentation at Wildscreen in England to a large audience and the heads of the BBC, Discovery Channel, ABC, and National Geographic, I outlined plans for a film on the migration of the bull sharks, which will support a large conservation, research and restoration initiative. As a result of this presentation, I began working with National Geographic. This relationship led to several research trips and the acquisition of footage, which dramatically document the needs for this integrated conservation effort. Currently, we are continuing our production for more than one TV program, as well for scientific research, conservation, and community-based activities. This is my dream: FREE PASSAGE!


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