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Video letter from Naeseong river 01

Hi , We wanted to update what happend you visited the river.
It's been a month since that we moved to Youngju Dam construction
site, where will be submerged 2014.

We've been focusing on the down stream of the Naeseong River. At the
last March we stopped damming of down stream of the Naeseong. This is
a very good news. But the construction at upper stream of Naeseong is
very fast, so we are worried that how should we deal with this.

There are some big problems of the damming of Naesong River.
The first, Submerging of sandy Naeseong river is the biggest problem.
Because, that is the only one un touched river in this country. The
river is full of highly endangered animals and plants including a
'Black Headed Stork'. The Samsung company is cutting trees all over
the riversides at the moment. The changes of the down stream is very
serious, the sand of the river is vanishing very fast since the
construction begun.

The second, This national project, towards to destroying the nature
not protecting. That is 'National' project but not for the public
value. Also the construction company Smasung is just interested in
making money, never care about the public values. The both ignoring
voice for the public ethics.
For the last, our idealogical view about the nature.
We raised a hare several times but finding a solution it is not that
easy. I guess when you can't find the solution the best way is the
'questioning' itself.

Buddhist nun and the green activist Jiyul' ll upload videos, one in a
day for 100 days.

Young Ju dam construction destroyed a lot of Naeseong River's nature
already but this is only the beginning. We'll upload everyday of
places will be submerged and story of the people who want to protect
this beautiful river. This will be a very meaningful recording and a
resistance too.

From Naeseong river, Youngju city, South Korea
Jiyul and Friends of the River(Pul-ggot, Listen to the City)

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