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My name is Tamara but ppl call me Tammy. I'm a 41 yr old disabled college student of a 7yr old energizer bunny, JK, she's my first born DD and a SM of two teenagers ages 16 and 18. My DH and I have known each other for 26 yrs, and have been married for 11yrs.

I'm an avid reader and hopefully I can write something good enough to be published, but for now I just do a little writing of my own, and I just write as a way to loose myself and get rid of the everyday frustrations, but my main way to get rid of it is music. I love music from Bach (Johann, not Sebastian. Even though he's easy on the eyes and has a great voice) to Rock and I'm totally into Poison, esp. Bret Michaels.


  1. Chip Bolcik
  2. Philip Hurn
  3. Vinny Pereira
  4. KDKB
  5. Steve Purcell
  6. Volunteering to Stop Diabetes

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  1. I may be short and too far away from the stage but true fans like me just enjoy hearing Bret's voice. ;)