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Hello, My name is Gabriel Duran and I am a Graduate student in the film/video section of the Art and Art History Department. I am an award winning filmmaker that strives to tell compelling stories through my artwork.

As a filmmaker I have been shooting films mostly deal with my heritage as a Latino. I grew up with grand parents that spoke little English. They helped me keep my Spanish to an "acceptable" level when I was around them. Since their passing I have found it difficult to reconnect to my language. So as a means to put my self back into that familiar place I have been shooting my projects all in Spanish. Doing so brings me back to who I am and what I need to reconnect myself. I use my art and my story telling to express my ideas to the world. I make my films about who I am and where I come from. My creative side flourishes when I write about my heritage and about who I am.

I want to breathe new life into the underrepresented Chicano experience and bring the audience closer to me through my stories. I desire to use storytelling as a tool to bring the audience into my world, a world that mainstream media ignores, or when it does "shed-light" on it, it's done from a stereotypical outsiders point of view. Debunking those stereotypes and connecting with people emotionally is the reason I make films.
As a graduate student I aim to express my art at a higher level. The art that I make is made to help people see the other side of who I am. I write to open minds and to pay tribute to others that have paved the way for me.


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