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Our earliest memories are individualistic. They are confirmed by our parents who show us a reflection or picture of ourselves and name us. These are the ways in which we get to build this separate self.

From these early suggestions our identity arises. Once established, it requires constant association with objective forms to sustain itself, generating, the ‘me and mine’, ‘you and yours’ scenarios that are the root cause of wars and suffering in the world. It is this conditioning that entices us to see the Dot, rather than the white canvas that supports it and without which it would have no existence.

What we see again and again are the small differences, rather than the big unity. This is how our lives are played out. Rather than understanding that there is much more between us and our fellow man that is similar, we are conditioned to note the small and often insignificant differences. Bombarded daily by this concept in advertising and in other media, we are encouraged to widen these differences in order to be richer, more successful and dominant.

The truth is the opposite. Just as a fish cannot see the water that surrounds it and that makes up a large part of its physical form, we are not aware of the consciousness that allows our existence, yet the consciousness in one individual is the same as in another, just as is the air that we breathe. It is the canvas that supports the dot.

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