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WHY HIRE ME? Simple. Whether it's making your project look great or explaining your business in a simple, effective and engaging way; I have the skills, experience and creativity to deliver.

ONE UNIQUE THING ABOUT MY WORK? I integrate 3D Photo-Realistic animation used by Hollywood and top level brands. This gives you a certain high-end, customized look and is vastly different from flat 2D animation which tends to look more "cookie cutter" and generic. I give a specially hand-crafted individual approach to each project with great results.

The turn arounds time is always quick, fast, and very reliable.

My specialties include:
• Explainer Videos (including Scripting, Storyboarding, Design and Animation)
• Animation and Motion Graphics
• Video Production and Editing
• Graphic Design for Print, Display or Digital Media
• High-end Online Branding
• Packaging Design and Visualization

Watch my best animations here:

FireScape™: vimeo.com/120220258
OnlineProgression™: vimeo.com/118893191
ArgumentExpert™: vimeo.com/117431181
VisionaireWall™: vimeo.com/58606686


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