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Content Manager for large entertainment network upon Youtube called Yeousch.

I'm available to place films in the spotlight to recieve postive coments from our audience of 90 thousand viewers. If you have amazing comedy, speical effects and skits please reach me!

Your specific film will be featured only with your permission. Your film will be presented again on our site. Not embedded. You would be able to include an informative description routing our audience to your personal website. Portfolio. Personal Youtube channel and also include contact email address.

Upon featuring your film we would like to apauld those whom took part by including all staffs names, producers and directors you would like to indicate with the film.

I am also looking for film artists who would enjoy a more permanent spot among Yeousch where you would be able to freely create skits or series to be featured on our Main.. monthly or weekly. Also we would be available to partner your channel upon Youtube and give you a logo indicating you are a director with us.

Please feel free to reach me upon Vimeo or at my personal email

Thanks guys!

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