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Santa Barbara, CA

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I am a television professional that grew up in Santa Barbara and is happy to be living in my hometown again. In addition to television production and editing, I I am also fluent in Spanish and a Photoshop expert.


  1. SBCC Multimedia
  2. Monico Pictures
  3. pietro perolini
  4. Toshio Ikeda
  5. JP Montalvo
  6. Shane McLellan
  7. Jason Womack
  8. keith english
  9. The Theatre Group at SBCC
  10. Say Dempsay
  11. Gabriel Topete
  12. Alexander Rosengren
  13. SBCC TV
  15. Film Pro 175 SBCC with Ted Mills

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  1. Thanks so much. The show has been playing for about a month on a public access station here in Santa Barbara, and they've extended it's run for another month and a half, so hopefully lots of other people have been able to peek at student film, animation,