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I am an Amsterdam based Visual effects producer with 10 years of experience working in commercials.

Over the last 4 years I've been responsible for producing visual effects, full CGI and 2D animation for the clients such as Nike Portland, Adidas, Wieden & Kennedy Amsterdam, 180 Amsterdam, 72&Sunny, G-Star, Sid Lee, Anomaly and Smuggler.

I love the challenge and camaraderie of a high-pressure production and I'm well versed in the creative, technical and financial challenges involved.

I have been fortunate to learn from some amazingly talented people and i hope to continue this for years to come

• Focus on brief and understanding of directors and agencies needs.
• Communication and presentation
• Breakdown and bidding
• Team development and Project management
• Scheduling and budgeting
• On set Supervision
• Ability to anticipate and deal with an ever-changing production environment.
• Thorough understanding of animation / visual effect pipelines and the latest tools.


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