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Quddus burst into the international spotlight as a host on MTV’s hit show "Total Request Live" (TRL) in 2001. His popularity on the network led TV Guide to declare him as one of television’s ‘Hottest New Stars’ and feature him on their cover. After five years on MTV, Quddus left to explore new media and was among the first to make the shift from TV to the web. He’s hosted some of the biggest live-streamed events, including the inaugural Global Citizen Festival alongside Katie Couric and world premieres like the record-breaking film “Avatar.” Quddus went on to work with networks such as NBC, ABC and CBS, leading The Associated Press to call him “the coolest guy on television.” Aside from his life on screen, Quddus has consulted for Interscope, Participant Media and MTV Canada, as well as producing digital content for Myspace, AOL and Yahoo. Quddus’ multifaceted production company, The Q Side Entertainment, was one of the first to partner with YouTube to create premium content for the global platform. He’s also a passionate humanitarian who facilitates personal development workshops, serves as a board member of Generosity.org, and as an ambassador for Green Dot Public Schools. He enjoys basketball, hot yoga, and meditation. Quddus is currently based in Los Angeles, focusing on writing his first book, and keeping his girlfriend Carmina and their dog Mechie happy.

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