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Daniel Kofi Morteh is a 2008 New Jersey City University Graduate, with an interest in multimedia production. Born and raised in Jersey City, New Jersey to Ghanaian immigrants, Morteh spent the past 3 years mastering his craft by recording and editing live events and shows around Jersey City /New York area under the moniker "KodaQ JoneZ".

Under his Company name "The Morteh eXperience" ( renamed TMX Media), he has worked, recorded, edited and publish material for from underground artist to Fashion Mogul Christian Audigier. He is currently working on....

A media fund-raising campaign for the Hudson County Boys and Girls Club as lead cameraman and partner of the newly establish Picture Start Production.

A yet-to- be-titled documentary on The NOLA Preservation Society and the art and culture of New Orleans and its important to the foundation of America.

A commercial for Hudson School for the Blind.

A Experimental Short on the effect of change in regards to Morteh's college years

Morteh goals is not to be a billionaire (all though he would be lying if he said he didn't want millions) but to have one piece of his work spark the mind of someone that will change the world

Daniel Kofi Morteh
AKA KodaQ JoneZ
The Morteh Experience.2009

TMX Media Affiliates:

Louis Libitz

Daniel Gurry of NOLA Preservation Society

Richard Ryals of Ryals Studios

Aderia Johnson of Pink Limelight Production

Anthony Lofton of Warbanner Studios

Tim Stuckey Sr. of studio66media.com

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