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KIWA is an estonian pranxter multichannel meta-artist who blends the meaning of authorship on different levels. His practice (gallery installations, texts/books, music/sound, curating, bad & meta-painting, video, performance, conceptual projects in media and public space) make up one consistent text, a personal semiosphere, where one theme is expressed through different mediums. His art draws on pop-lifestyles and the counter cultures as well as cryptic texts, multimedia lectures, theories and practices in the field of micro-literature, pseudoidentities and )F#&?=!0ö:;. His work is often described as "anarcho-pop", "metaphysical conceptualism" or "deconstruction of socio-symbolic net of current society".

From 1995 28 solo exhibitions in Estonia, Belgium, Czech, Poland and participation of over 100 exhibitions and festivals in Europe and America, including The Kitchen and Yvon Lambert gallery in New York, Tate Modern and Milch Gallery in London, Stedelijk and DeAppel in Amsterdam, Russia, Austria, Portugal, Danmark, Latvia, Lithuania, Germany, Bulgary, Finland, Hungary. Has published 3 books and compilated an anthology of estonian experimental literature. He often cooperates other artists incl Hanno Soans, Andres Lõo, Ene-Liis Semper, Jasper Zoova, Tõnis Vint, Kaarel Kurismaa etc

Kiwa started experimenting with sound in the late 80s, was involved some of the fastest punk-bands in the 90s and moved to the electronic sound around 2000. Kiwa has been organizing the noise/sound-art platfom *metabor* and founded The Festival of Non-Existent Bands. Beside his hyper-optimistic robo-punk moniker Kiwanoid, he also plays improvisational solo lives, that stream from idealistic glitchy soundscapes to psycho-noise. Has played together with artists like Dopplereffekt, AGF, Astrobotnia, Sven Grünberg, Zavoloka, Monolake, Mouse on Mars, Vector Lovers etc

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