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Adopt Films is an independent theatrical film distribution company based in New York City. Connect with us in lots of ways for fresh news, content, and advanced screenings!

Boy, do we have some fabulous, award-winning films to share. Here's a few:

"Nuit #1," directed by Anne Émond, US theatrical release July 27th, 2012
"Sister," directed by Ursula Meier, US theatrical release October 5th, 2012
"Café de Flore," directed by Jean-Marc Vallée, US theatrical release November 2nd, 2012
"Barbara," directed by Christian Petzold, US theatrical release December 21st, 2012
"TABU," directed by Miguel Gomes, US theatrical release December 26th, 2012
"Caesar Must Die," directed by Paolo and Vittorio Taviani, US theatrical release February 6th, 2013
"Molly's Theory of Relativity," directed by Jeff Lipsky, US theatrical release March 2013

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