Sarah-Jane Farrell

Johannesburg, South Africa

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Sarah-Jane Farrell is a bush baby and firercely wild at heart. She is multi sensory intuitive consultant, a certified life design strategist, possibility activator and spirited business coach, international speaker on all things consciousness and the founder of the Access Your True Nature Systems – a holistic energy based healing modality that combines the latest cutting edge tools in human design from bodytalk and structural integration to the ancient wisdom of traditional chinese medicine and equine psychotherapy to name a few. She is a free spirit, wife, mother, tree hugger and animal lover, a seeker, an explorer and a water baby!
Her greatest joy is to show people how to be happy just by being you and be the change your animals know you can be!

She is most recognized for her ability to instantly change vibrational frequencies in diseased bodies of people and animals,lift depression and mental anguish and connect others to their intuition. She helps people and animals to live in their True. Nature and access their dreams. Desires and prosperity abundance. She leads people just like you to claim your birthright of a successful, meaningful and peaceful joy of business called living in your true nature. She will remind you of your I AM presence,knowing that you know anything is possible.

Journey with Sarah-Jane to liberate yourself from the severe limitations that come from 5-sensory perception (when we, in fact, have six senses), and open yourself up to the joys, healing and personal empowerment of six-sensory living. Are you ready to Access your true Nature?

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