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Johnny Foreigner is a Directors’ Agency based in London. We represent International Directors to territories other than their own: UK Directors to the Rest of the World and Worldwide Directors to the UK. Making every Johnny a foreigner.

Our roster is handpicked and made up of Directors specific to the markets we represent them in. We have Directors of every genre; both established and emerging. Our clients include Production Companies who hire our Directors on a freelance basis, as well as Agencies who work directly with our Directors using Johnny Foreigner’s full Production platform.

The company was set up in the summer of 2012 by Producer Olivia Hirschberg. With over 15 years experience in the TV and Advertising Industry, Olivia has lived in London, Santiago de Chile, Los Angeles and Munich, Producing for our Industry’s award winning Production Companies and Directors. Having shot in over 20 countries and speaking four languages (English, German, French and Spanish), Olivia is a truly International Producer with exceptional contacts to our industry’s key players across the world.

You have a board, we have the Director. Browse our site or give us a call – there are plenty other Directors we have access to who aren’t on our site…

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