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“Cheeba’s attention to musical detail is as meticulous as his cuts, he leaves no stone or style unturned in his search”
– DJ Food

”Cheeba – the new Director General at Flip-Flop-Trip-Hop AV-TV”
– Hexstatic

“yo, that av set is amazing!!!”
– DJ Yoda

“I absolutely loved what I heard”
– Steinski

“Cheeba is the sound and sight of Solid Steel’s new school. Having won the ‘Mix of The Year’ award in 2008 and been a regular guest for Soundcrash over the last 12 months Cheeba’s ability to rock a party is unrivaled. Now bringing visuals into the mix, this new show will twist sight and sound into a blend of beats and breaks cut with visual material from the far reaches of moving image history. Expect the unexpected… your eyes wont believe your ears, keep them peeled!”
– Soundcrash Productions

Vimeo will be host to video mixtapes as well as turntablist demos and footage from music trade shows.

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