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Negroes On Ice is a concept album bought to life by the father and son who created it. Some fathers and sons get together to fly kites; Prince Paul and P. Forreal (Paul Jr.) get together to produce and rock fly beats! I truly believe that live performance is the future of music in general and to have the ability to bring a bit more life to a hip hop performance— as in a narrative, no matter how loosely structured it is—is very exciting. Prince Paul is a very special man, and his art is important. He's fresh, never-ever frozen. But still: somebody always wants to put a negro on ice! Negroes On Ice is about a father (legendary Producer Prince Paul) and a son (Paul jr.) who find common ground in the language called rap and the beats that drive the rap is over-the-top ridiculous, but that’s the point. It highlights the different schools of thought amongst the generations, but also illustrates how folks of our generation who are parents can relate to the youth better because of this shared language and culture.