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  1. Kamil Tamiola

    Kamil Tamiola Plus Groningen, The Netherlands


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    My name is Kamil. I specialize in visual storytelling from remote locations. I am based in Groningen, the Netherlands. A substantial part of my commercial portfolio is shot with powerful on-location lights. Truth to be told, I enjoy working in front of camera, as much as behind the lens. I think the…

  2. Jan van der Meer Global-DVC.NL

    Jan van der Meer Global-DVC.NL Plus Zandvoort aan Zee


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    JAN VAN DER MEER (www.Global-DVC.NL) Is a lifteme Passionate now Pensionate Volunteer 4K Filmproducer and 4K Photographer. Also Educator Expert in Global Marketing to promote your projects or business with creative popular ideas. As he did for many Schoolkids projects and also Hotels, Safary compagnies…

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