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When I was little I always had a drawing utensil in hand and was drawing anything and everything. Most of the time I got in trouble for the wall art and the floor pictures. That never kept me down; I was always moving forward looking for the next idea. As I got older my love of drawing became more of a second nature. Homework was riddle with doodles of thoughts that just came to me in school. Over time I learned that books pushed and inspired art and that is what would be one thing to lead me into going to school to learn visual communications. I am now a visual communications student studying video animation. I believe all art has a soul or story that just wants to be told. I want to give it that voice and I feel video animation best allows me to do that. With the tools I am given I will be able to do that.

When it comes to my work I go with the feel. I use whatever feels better in the piece I am working on. I let the idea and the art speak to me and I put it all together. I think of myself as the builder of the art. I use a lot of color patterns, but never allowing one solid color. I make sure to have three shades colors that show darks, mediums, and lights of the color on the object. I am one that uses depth in my art or at least tries to have a foreground and a background. I never like to have just one background it feels flat to me. That is why when I make sure to set at least to layers to my background. There is a foreground in the idea that you can tell that my background has a lot of space. It is this whole optical illusion idea. That is where my depth comes into. I also make sure my art is never the same when made.

As of right now my portfolio is still being worked. I do have old portfolios that have completed works. I have grown since I first started working on my art. Right now the portfolio I am working on will have works of art that will fit into my career path. It will show I have the eye for detail and that I push myself only to do the best of the best work. It has a big focus on digital work over printed work because I am going into the video and animation world. I will have printed works that will be of storyboards.

As being a student has molded me into the person I am today. I have found my passion and my passion is to create videos that effect the masses. I want to inspire them to do better the next time.


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