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Harbor Lights TV Productions - A Non Profit Organization

The mission of Harbor Lights TV Productions is to reveal the inspiring stories of extraordinary people, places, activities and economic development captured on film and aired on Television and digital media. The stories told will encourage citizens to participate therefore empowering themselves and enriching the community.

Featured stories will have the following purposes:
Encourage the development of area youth by highlighting their participation, success and accomplishments

Serve as a training ground for students to learn the art of TV/ Film production through internships with Harbor Lights TV

Educate and inform Citizens about the numerous personal development opportunities and encourage them to participate, therefore empowering themselves

Partner with organizations to inform the community of the services they offer

Support the economy by featuring businesses

Educate on how to start and or improve your business

Feature the cultural, agricultural, family oriented, various sports activities

Highlight the natural beauty found in the area

Raise awareness about the multi-faceted and multi-cultural or multi cultured communities

Partner with film and multimedia companies giving them a platform to show their stories

Inspire viewers to be a part of the ongoing transformation by living, working, studying, playing and visiting the area

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