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My main hobby is deep / technical scuba diving off Donegal, Ireland. Deep presently means anything between 63m and 163m of sea water. Been involved in many exploratory dives and am privileged to have been amongst the first (& sometimes second) to have found and dived several of the deep wrecks off Donegal - RMS Amazon (117m), HMS Viknor (86m), SS Flavia (105m), HMS Carinthia (115m), HMS Curacoa (125m), HMS Hurst Castle (88m) and so on.
Have been lucky and delighted to be involved in Deep Wreck Mysteries, Dark Secrets of the Lusitania and U-Boat (360 Productions) as a diver / model / lighting support. I have also contributed short sections of video for TV.
Only started taking video with a GoPro Hero2 in June 2012 - with the exception of being handed a GoPro mounted on a torch the year before that when diving RMS Lusitania.
By the end of 2012, I have progressed to two Cathx Ocean Euphos 4,000 lumen video lamps and that has made a huge difference as the GoPro's are not very light sensitive - especially at depth where lighting is compromised for several reasons. It has taken me all of 2012 to get any half-decent results - and there is lots more from this season to be edited yet. August 2013 saw me use a Hero3 for the first time, round about when I learned to be a bit steadier at depth, and its light sensitivity has made a big improvement to deep videos - as well as not having the Red Tide problems of 2012!


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