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  1. Mark commented on Is anyone there???
    Our support hours are Mon-Fri 9-5. I answered you in one of the other threads you posted. In the future, please only create ONE post about your issue. We will see if when we're in the office.
  2. Mark commented on Uploading video
    Please note that our support hours are M-F 10-6 - I have just responded to your other thread.
  3. Sorry about that, you're all set!
  4. I am very frustrated as I cannot upload it says my email is not verified. I have to upload a video for a grant fund and it is very important that this is completed. Can someone please let me know if this is not going to be possible as I need to let…
  5. While trying to retrieve the URL: http:443 this message comes up does it mean anything? Can you call? Is it a problem as the time is up and I need to submit the link to be considered for the funding? many thanks Jackie