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I am a visual story maker. I use film and photography to create amazing imagery, from editorial to advertising, to fashion film and creative shorts.

My main objective is to grab the attention of the onlooker, hold their attention and let them connect to the image on their own personal level. The idea of telling a story runs through many of my pictures thereby creating a sense of drama and mystery.

I have always been fascinated by the play of light and dark, strong contrasts, subtlety of shadows and the amazing effects one could achieve with a simple image. From early childhood I have always experimented creatively with different mediums including painting and sculpture.

As a photographer and filmmaker I am aware of the creative possibilities of team work. Strong ideas can come from film, music and art, but in the planning process, being open to input from others, is a creative necessity. With a good team, everyone’s neurones are connected, and then the magic begins, however challenging a project. I am always appreciative of the support I receive on shoots and actively seek to share the collaborative success.

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