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PCC’s story begins in the summer of 2002, when Pastor Dave Crosby, Jr. and his wife, Bekah, heard God tell them to plant a church in the Pocono Mountains. Pastor Dave shared his vision with a handful of friends, and they began planning their next steps. Within weeks, God revealed more and more of his plan to the Crosbys and the couples surrounding them, and they held their first prayer meeting in a church member’s living room on October 22, 2002.

A core group of 75 adults met regularly for prayer, and were committed to a biblically-driven church that would reach people for Christ in a culturally relevant and creative way. Before long, Pocono Community Church began to rent space at the Pocono Mountain West High School. Lights, speakers, screens, and instruments were set up and torn down every weekend. God’s blessings continued to pour forth, and more people called PCC home.

PCC broke ground at the current site in 2008, and in February 2009 the doors at 2770 Memorial Boulevard welcomed the public. Since then, PCC has grown to nearly 2,000 in regular attendance, seeing literally thousands of lives changed along the way. This is a phenomenal movement of God in the Pocono Mountains – something you have to experience to understand!


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