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Dro, Trento, Italy

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Centrale Fies is a center for the creation and production of contemporary art including performing art, exhibit, site specific, video and any form of live performance and of events such as festivals, exposition and, shows; but also a very unique location equipped to host corporate meetings, round-table conferences and workshops.
All of this within a still functional hydroelectric center which never stops generating energy. Thus, Centrale Fies is both a physical location, capable of transforming itself as needed, and a concrete and ideal project for the development of artistic pursuits.

Centrale Fies remains at the complete disposition of the productions and circulation of art, in agreed-upon cases, giving the possibility of a place that is safe, protected, equipped and managed by highly-competent personnel to the companies who need spaces in which to work.

The intention is to give Centrale Fies back an essential function of “production”, a social sense as a place of elaboration, construction and communication of projects of a cultural character, capable of expressing and solidifying energies.