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SWEATHEART-- file under Approachable Stadium Pop, Man Tunes (with Women) or
Community College Rock. Featuring a big rock sound fused with pop sensibility, Philadelphia's Sweatheart is set to rock you -- and your hot sister's world.

From the humble times of 2004, a guitar, three drug rugs and three best friends crashed an art opening and suddenly knew they were quite good at it. Later came a drum machine, then a full band of minors, a few costume changes, and a smoking live set.

After spending the last five years cultivating their sound and sharing the stage with bands like Devo, Ween, Santigold and Bad Brains, Sweatheart has produced their new record, "Tell Your Sister". Sweatheart's follow up to 2005's debut "So Cherri", offers a new version of the band, with a thicker and richer sound, laced with honesty and tenderness. Their full length, "Get Bent" is due out this spring on Free News.

"If Sparks, The Bangles, & Blue Oyster Cult made a smoothie, it might smell a little
like Sweatheart." - Naeem Juawn (Spank Rock)

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