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  1. 01:32:34

    .NET Open Source

    by Tekpub Productions

    3 Videos

    This is the .NET Open Source channel where we do what we can to give back to the community. Project leaders can create screencasts for their projects, give them to us to polish and render, and we…

  2. 09:59:59

    ASP.NET MVC Concepts

    by Tekpub Productions

    15 Videos

    In this series Steven Sanderson and Rob Conery show you the core concepts of ASP.NET MVC - using version 2 of the platform. This production will get you up to speed on ASP.NET MVC - for a more advanced…

  3. 04:19:25

    Mastering Iphone Development

    by Tekpub Productions

    7 Videos

    Originally created in 2009, this series shows you the basics of iPhone development - from "what is going on here" down to learning some basics about ObjectiveC and the iPhone window layout. Taught…

  4. 03:03:30

    Mastering Silverlight

    by Tekpub Productions

    6 Videos

    In this series you will learn the basics of working with Silverlight, and then quickly transition to more advanced topics such as working with data, understanding XAML, and hooking into external services.

  5. 02:33:35

    Node JS

    by Tekpub Productions

    0 Videos

    This is the NodeJS production from Tekpub

  6. 01:09


    by Tekpub Productions

    1 Video

    Previews of our full-length videos

  7. 02:51:17

    Windows Phone 7

    by Tekpub Productions

    6 Videos

    In this series Chris Bennage and Rob Eisenberg will show you how to create your Windows Phone 7 app - from code to tools to marketplace!

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