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Buffalo, NY

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Phil Utech;is an award winning independent filmmaker and composer from Buffalo, New York. Phil served two as president of the Buffalo Movie-Video Makers Society, one of the oldest filmmaking groups in the country which have been meeting since 1934. Phil has given talks on lighting at the Screening Room Cinema and Cafe, as well as, The NCCC Film and Video Festival Seminars. His movie credits include: Tarnished Brass; The Making of Plastic Dinosaur: The Movie; 8181084; Experi MENTAL Philm; and a Music Video for original song writer Lindsay Miller. Also, as a film music composer his original work was featured in 48 Hour Film Projects by team Ollagnod, and two scenes for the feature film "Failure," in which he wrote 14 music cues for the feature "Sweet Jesus" both movies are Directed by Greg Sterlace. Phil recently worked as a producer/sound editor of "Not an All-Star Cast" which he created the sound design for the indie comedy.


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