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I am a passionate and creative producer / director / cameraman based in Austin, Texas with nearly 20 years experience with a wide range of experience in broadcast TV (long and short form), film, web, and video production. In addition to directing and producing, I am a professional cinematographer proficient with post-production workflows and programs. I have been looking at the world though the lens of a camera since I was a teenager. I've always had an instinct for capturing and communicating an authentic and captivating story. I thrive off the inherent complexities and challenges of all stages of film production.

For 15 years I served as Series Producer and Director for Warren Miller Entertainment in TV production, an award-winning, full-service production company in Boulder Colorado.

From this, the road led me to Austin, TX where I served as the staff Video Content Director at The Butler Bros for 2 years.

And finally, for the past year I've been working freelance as a Director/Producer.


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