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Amin Toyouri is a Canada-based filmmaker who has background in directing TV commercial in his back home, Iran. Currently in the finishing stage of the first year of MFA in Film Production at York University he has years of practical working experience in both film-making and advertising.
His academic background includes MFA in Documentary Media at Ryerson University and a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering (industrial production) as well as the successful completion of three film and television training programs in both Iran and Canada. His focus at Iranian film schools was Film Directing and Screenwriting. While at Sheridan College (Advanced Television and Film Program) determined to further expand his knowledge of the craft, he focused on Documentary and Cinematography.
Over the past six years, he has worked in advertising mainly in creative positions such as Campaign writer for four established Iranian advertising companies. During this time, directed approximately 120 TV Commercials and 50 radio Commercials for brands like L.G., Samsung, Daewoo, Kenwood and multiple banks. Further, he managed seven successful commercial campaigns. While at Sheridan College and Ryerson University, he also had the opportunity to work on several short film projects and documentaries, refining his skills as a D.O.P, Camera Operator, Grip, Gaffer, Writer, Director and producer. He also made two short documentaries and several corporate videos independently in Canada and work as a director of photography in ten short narrative and documentary films.
He was honored to win the Richard Leiterman Award as a best Documentary cinematographer in Sheridan College, and Award of Merit in Accolade Competition.


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