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ND gallery is a platform for presenting young generation of photographers and authors working with new media. It ’s focus is on slovak but also global art scene, mainly the countries of V4. The ambition of ND is to shed light on starting or unknown authors.

ND gallery is focusing on selection from works of addressed authors arranged in thematic cycles. The intention is to create compact, continuous and diverse journey through the world of photography and new media, attractive for the wider public. This way ND aims to support this media and contribute to it's spreading making it accessible to

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  2. Douglas Guillot
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  4. Live skateboard media
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  8. Foam Magazine
  9. alica gurinova
  10. Alina Negoita
  12. Lomo Chile
  13. tyevans
  14. Daghan Is
  15. Benjamin Buettner
  16. Freunde von Freunden
  17. Dusan Husar
  18. Kenneth Bauer

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