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  1. BLender

    by Rombout Versluijs joined

    39 Videos / 2 Members

  2. Tutorials

    by Simon Holmedal joined

    23 Videos / 72 Members

    This is where the tutorials go. :)

  3. cinema

    by raskumar joined

    226 Videos / 16 Members


    by Pingo van der Brinkloev joined

    15 Videos / 643 Members

    THE CONTEST IS OVER CONGRATULATIONS TO MATTEO FORGHIERI C4DAPT and Maxon challenged all Cinema4d users to create a** 1 minute micro tutorial showing an advanced production technique and upload…

  5. C4d Tutorials

    by MoGraph by Mladen Pajdic joined

    36 Videos / 13 Members

  6. Houdini tec

    by Naoki Kato joined

    84 Videos / 17 Members

  7. illusion of houdini

    by pulppix joined

    4,265 Videos / 520 Members

    ● houdini R&D ● houdini VFX[PROCEDURAL] & ILLUSION OF LIFE!

  8. Nice MotionGraphic

    by Chan Lap Hin Leslie joined

    2,010 Videos / 568 Members

  9. motion designer

    by Gdesign Factory joined

    148 Videos / 77 Members

    My name is Virginio Perissinotto, I currently live in Venice and work as motion designer and photographer. This group is for only one thing: LEARNING. I have posted some cool stuff directly from my…

  10. Blender 3D

    by SHAMUS Eckstein joined

    1,292 Videos / 600 Members

    Group dedicated to the wonderful open source software BLENDER. Have a look around and be sure to comment on the extraordinary work blender allows you to create or post a tutorial to help others…

  11. CINEMA4D

    by Cazz Proto joined

    3 Videos / 4 Members

  12. Trapcode

    by Peder Norrby joined

    1,754 Videos / 1,674 Members

    Share clips and tutorials with other Trapcode artists. Comment on the works of others. The idea is to help each other get better.

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